How do I use PostDirect?

What is PostDirect? can offer a postal service that provides you with the option of sending marketing messages through the post.

How will PostDirect benefit me? 

PostDirect is especially useful for contacts where there is no email address or to reinforce messages that have been sent by email but not opened. All you have to do is upload an A4 sized document into the system and let us do the rest.

Downloading PostDirect

Once at your BriefYourMarket homepage choose ‘Letters’ from the main tab menu. Then in the task bar that appears below select ‘Download PostDirect’.

This will bring you to the Download Print Driver page. To start downloading the driver, go to step 1 and click on the ‘Download’ button.


Installing PostDirect

Once you have clicked on the ‘Download’ button a pop-up window will appear. This will automatically start to download the ‘Installer’ on to your computer and may take a few minutes.

When the download of the ‘Installer’ is complete, the window will be replaced with ‘Welcome to BriefYourMarket PostDirect Setup Wizard’. To start installing BriefYourMarket PostDirect on your computer click ‘Next’.

The next window to appear is the ‘Select Installation Folder’, where it will install on to your Program Files (Preferred and already select) or another folder of your choice. You can also choose further down if ‘Everyone’ or ‘Just me’ will have access to BriefYourMarket PostDirect. Once complete click ‘Next’.


After completing ‘Select Installation Folder’ screen, the next window to appear is ‘Confirm
Installation’. This notifies you that the installer is ready to proceed. Click ‘Next’ to start installation.

Once ‘Next’ has been clicked installation will start and may take a few minutes. When installed the window
‘Installation Complete’ will appear.

Simply click ‘Close’ and now you are ready to create and post your letter from MS Word.
Choosing PostDirect as your Printer


When you are ready to print your letter go to the top left hand corner of the MS Word Menu bar and click on ‘File’, then go to ‘Print’. Once in ‘Print’, go to ‘Printer’ and select ‘’ instead of your local printer.

Then click on the ‘Print’ button to send your letters to post which will then open the PostDirect Application.

Using PostDirect

Step 1: Welcome to PostDirect

After choosing the ‘’ on MS Word printer and pressing print, the above window will appear as a pop up box.


There will be 3 fields for you to complete, the first being ‘Your Instance’. This is the address you enter into your web browser to access your instance on Followed by your ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’.

After this information has been entered, you will then be able to proceed by clicking on the arrow highlighted in the top right corner.

The next screen shows you the layout of your letter. The grey areas on the edges of the letter should be left empty of images or type, as anything that appears in them will not be printed.


The main green box is for the positioning for the address, please ensure that your address fits within it as ones that don’t will not be registered and be posted. For more details about please see the PostDirect A4 letter guidelines.

On the right hand side of the window are 5 questions which must all be answered to proceed.

Once all of this information has been completed, you will then be able to proceed by clicking on the highlighted arrow in the top right corner.


BriefYourMarket will then process all the addresses against the Royal Mail PAF (Postcode Address File) Database.

This page will then highlight if there are addresses not found. If they have not been found this will be due to one of two things:

  1. One - Missing postcode on the address.
  2. Two - The address is not on the Royal Mail PAF Database.

From your records you may know that these address are fine, so you have the functionality to approve individual addresses or all by simply checking on the box next to the page.

Please be aware that there will be an additional charge of £0.03 when approving addresses that haven’t been validated by the Royal Mail PAF Database.

Once happy with the addresses, proceed to the next section by clicking on the highlighted arrow in the top right corner.


The final page is your confirmation page.

This page confirms:

  • How many letters you are sending
  • The total cost
  • Gives you access to a PDF of the letter
  • Informs you of the next cut off point for posting.

When you are ready to send just Click on the Post Box

PostDirect Guidelines

A4 Letter: Front Page

A4 Front Page Size - 210mm x 297mm

A4 Letter: Odd Page


A4 Odd Page Size - 210mm x 297mm


If you still require more assistance, please contact our support team by raising a ticket, emailing or calling 0344 800 8424 where our team will be happy to help you.

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