How to add a Survey to a campaign?

In this guide, we will cover: 
Linking a Survey within an email or newsletter campaign
Linking a Survey within a trigger email


Surveys can be linked to an Email, Digital Newsletter or Trigger Email campaign within your platform – either as an image or a text link.

Whilst surveys are most commonly attached to trigger emails – for example, to collect customer feedback after the completion of a transaction – they can also be linked to simple emails or newsletters.

Attaching a survey to these three types of communication channels can vary, as will be discussed within this guide.


Linking a Survey within an email or a digital newsletter campaign

Within the ‘edit text’ box of a new/existing email or newsletter, highlight the text or image that you want to link to a survey.

Then select the Insert/Edit Link icon, as shown in the image to the right.

The following options will then become available:

  • ‘Button type’
  • ‘Link type’
  • ‘Link text’
  • ‘Survey’
  • ‘Tooltip’
  • ‘Open in new tab’
  • ‘Link styles’

The ‘link type’ needs to be selected as Survey.

Next, choose which of your built and active surveys you wish to attach to the email/newsletter from the ‘survey’ dropdown. (Circled in orange).

Once you have chosen your survey options, click Ok.


If you used a text link, that text should now appear blue and bold.


Linking a Survey within a trigger email

To begin, simply highlight your text or image and select the ‘Hyperlink Manager’ icon – circled below.

Within your Hyperlink Manager, you will need to select the type of link you require from the dropdown, which in this case will be ‘Survey Link’.


When you have selected Survey Link, you will then see a dropdown displaying your active surveys. 

Remember: Only active surveys can be linked within your digital communications.

Once happy with the selected survey, click ok. The highlighted font should now appear blue and underlined within the email.


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