How to send an Email or Newsletter Campaign

Once you have created your campaign on the ‘Edit Design’ page, click on the ‘next’ arrow button to proceed to the ‘Preview Design’ page. This button can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

From here, you will be able to check how your email will display across a variety of different devices, e.g. desktop, tablet, smartphone, and as a text email.

Note: It is important to bear in mind that all email clients are slightly different, and as such, there can be mild deviations from what is shown in the above example.

If you are satisfied with how your email is presented on each device, click Next.


The next stage asks you to define your campaign recipients.

Your main options are:

  • Send to Everyone (i.e. all active contacts with email addresses that are stored within your database).
  • Import a CSV list.
  • Either create a new filter or use one that you have previously built (link to filter guide).
  • Send it to a pre-existing list (link to list guide).

For the example in this guide, we will send it to ‘Everyone’.


After you have decided whom your email is going to, you will be asked to decide whom it is being sent from and how it will appear in your recipients’ inbox.

‘Campaign name’ is for internal use only. Your choice of ‘Subject Line’, however, carries significant weight and can affect your email open and interaction rates.

Read our guide on effective subject lines for further help

On this page, you can also modify your “From Name” and “From Address”, and apply a different “Reply To” address. This is important in cases where you may want your recipients to reply to a specific email address, rather than to a general sales address.

Finally, apply a personalised “To” field to increase the likelihood of customer engagement with your campaign.

When you are happy with the options that you have selected, move on to the next stage, your final test send.

This stage is optional and can be bypassed altogether. However, it is advisable to carry out one final test to check that all of your links are functioning properly, before you send it to your customers and prospects.


On the next page, you will be given the option to “Send Now” or “Schedule for later”.

To schedule it for later, simply input the date/time and continue.

If you wish to stop a scheduled send, follow the steps outlined in our [How to cancel a scheduled job] guide.

The last stage of this process is to review your choices (see below). At this point, you will see a breakdown of every option that you have selected for your email, with quick edit links to modify them.

Once you are satisfied, check your email spam score in the top right corner to ensure that there is nothing within your content that could be flagged as spam. You are also able to carry out one final email preview.

Now all that is left is to go ahead and click the Send button. Your email will be queued to send on our send server and will be delivered shortly after this.

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