How to add/manage your Newsletter preferences?

In this guide, we will cover:
Adding preferences to a Newsletter Article
Managing Newsletter Preferences


Adding preferences to a Newsletter Article

When creating a digital newsletter – depending on the template – you may notice a section entitled ‘preferences’, as seen in the example below.

This preferences section will contain the content categories that can be assigned to your digital newsletter articles.

By providing a comprehensive list of preferences, your readers can opt-in to receive information from you that they are actually interested in receiving, thus ensuring that you only ever send relevant marketing content to them.

Your readers can update these preferences at any point using the links within the template.

When creating or editing an article (standard or linked), you can assign preferences to the article.

Next to Article Properties, where you have added either the article content or URL, there is a section entitled Dynamic Content. It is within this section that you can assign single or multiple preferences to an article.

You can do this by ticking and unticking the boxes from the Preferences list, seen below.

On the right hand side of this list is the Dynamic Content Filter section, which assigns contact filter(s) instead of content preference filter(s).

For example, an article relating to Landlords Legislation may only ever need to be seen by landlords, and therefore a filter grouping all landlords can be created and assigned to this article.

Note: Selecting a Dynamic Content Filter will overwrite any preferences already selected.

See our Creating a Filter guide for further help.


Once you are happy with your selected Preferences or Dynamic Filter, and you have edited the article within your newsletter, select ‘apply’ in the bottom right hand corner.


Managing Newsletter Preferences

Adding, editing, or deleting preferences within your system must be done outside of the newsletter editor section.

Please note that the below features are currently disabled by default. Please contact us to change your preferences.

Go to Admin on your dashboard toolbar. The first page that appears will be ‘Edit Newsletter Categories’. This is where all of your preferences are stored. It is also possible to add new ones from this page.


To add a new preference select the green New button and fill out the following details;

  1. Classification – this is for your own reference and specifies the category within which the preference falls, for example: News, Area, Financial, Lettings, and Sales.
  2. Value – this is what your contacts will see on the list of preferences to choose from. For example: Hot Properties, First-Time Buyers, Mortgages, Tenant/Landlord Updates.
  3. Brand – this will always be the company name, unless you operate more than one brand. If this is the case, you can choose which preferences should be seen under alternative brands.
  4. Is Default – always tick this box so that the preference can be assigned to any newsletter.
  5. Insert – once the preference has been created, click insert to add it to the list.
  6. Add to all contacts – when the preference is added to the list, click this blue cross to make sure the preference is visible to all contacts to opt-in or out of.


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