Converting a PDF into a Print Ready JPG

Please use the following instructions to assist you in uploading your word document into

Firstly, you will need to export your document into a PDF:


Click on the “File” button in your Ribbon  (in Microsoft Word)


Now you will need to click on “Export” on the left hand side, then click on “Create PDF/XPS”

This will then open up a screen where you can save your file:


Name your file, ensure that the “Save as type” field is set to “PDF” and then click on “Publish”

(Please ensure you note where the PDF is saved)


Now head over to (Please note this website is not affiliated with BriefYourMarket LTD)


Click on “Choose a PDF file” then select your PDF file that you have saved previously.

Ensure that the quality is set to “Excellent” and then click on “Convert PDF to JPG”

This will then download an image that you can upload into your BriefYourMarket system

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