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A key component of newsletters are articles – composed of an image and a teaser, and either linking to a full body of content on your microsite or to an external site. They provide easily digestible parcels of information for your contacts to go through when they receive your email, with the option to read in further, engaging, educating, and entertaining your audience. Of course, you will want to know how to take full advantage of such a capable tool!


All BriefYourMarket newsletter templates come with a number of articles pre-placed on the page with a default filler content – you can also place articles within layout blocks wherever you may wish, those will follow the same rules as these pre-placed ones but will not contain this default filler content. Hovering over these will give you the option to edit the article – the pencil button


Upon clicking to edit, you will be presented with the option to set up the article as a dynamic or static article – a dynamic article permits you to limit who sees the article based upon contact newsletter categories and filters – we’ll go into this later, for now set it as dynamic. Following this, you will also get the option to make it a linked or standard article. This only changes the behavior of the article when it is clicked upon, the article headers and teasers (parts sent out with the email) remain the same between the two types of articles. For this, we’ll use a standard article for now, which, as the button states, creates an article hosted and tracked on your micro site…


Selecting either standard or tracked will highlight the article for editing. Within the article, there are three key fields which you can modify – the article image (1), the article headline (2), and the article teaser (3). The article image sources the images from your system’s media library, the title is a branded colour and font, and the teaser itself is a text field.


Further, to the right of the article, this box will appear. This gives you options as to the layout of your article, helpfully visualized on the drop down, and access to any custom article themes you may have had set up for you.


When you are happy with your first article within the email, we can move on to building the main body of the article…


At the bottom of the page, you will notice this box – this acts as a text field which places all the content within it onto your microsite as the body of the article. Ticking the “show image on web page” will let you use the article image on the actual article, though you can place in whatever images you may wish within the article body proper.


As to the dynamic article features mentioned earlier, you can find them here – you can select preferences within the dynamic content tab (groups of people who you wish to receive this article, set up and applied against each contact from the admin and contacts tab) and a dynamic content filter (selecting a group who will receive the article similarly to a filter for an email send)


And, where the email is a linked email, you do not have to set up an article body at all! You merely need to link to the external site, be that your own website or a third party news website.

You can also preview the article from here…


And there you have it – your first article! Now you have another powerful tool at your disposal to better communicate with and market to your contacts.

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