How do I edit Triggers?

Useful Editing Tools & Tips

Here are some useful tools to use whilst editing/creating the content of your trigger email/sms/letter. You may find some may only be applicable dependent on the format of your trigger (email, SMS, letter).



  1. Subject Line; this will appear in your contacts email inbox but also as the email title.

  2. Template; You will need to select ‘Trigger message template’ from the dropdown. It will look exactly the same as you default email.
  3. Hyperlink Manager; want to add a link or a survey to you triger? This is how! Simply click on the hyperlink manager, add in the URL or change the link type to survey to add a survey from your BYM system to the trigger content.

  4. Code Snippets / Merge fields; when you open this drop down you will see an array of contact fields which are pulled through via the integration with your CRM system. These can be added to a trigger and will populate per each contacts data. See example below.




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