How do I test my triggers?


When you feel that your communication is ready to send you will probably want to test it.

There are 2 ways to do this.


  1. Use the Test Trigger tab to see which of your contacts would have received your message on a particular day within the last 2 weeks/ 1month were it live then. What it shows you is were this trigger live within the past 2 weeks/1month etc. who would have received it.

 This is a great chance to see that your data is correct and the trigger has been set up correctly.


  1. You can also use Evaluation mode to test a trigger within the editor section. By ticking the box to run , entering your email address and a expiration date for the testing this allows you receive the trigger as it should appear when sent out live to your contacts but you would receive it instead of your contacts for a specified period of time. You must remember to activate your trigger to run evaluation mode. Once the expiration date has passed you will need to turn it off by unticking the Run in evaluation mode box.


Once you have tested your communication and are ready for it to start sending out go back to ‘Edit Trigger’ and click ‘Activate’ and your message will begin to send out the next time the trigger time is reached.

To see how your trigger is working, see How to view your trigger reports


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