How do I view my Survey Reports?



To access your survey reports, you need to open the Surveys tab on your platform and click on the All Surveys button.

Here you will see all of your surveys – whether they are ‘Saved’, ‘Awaiting Approval’, ‘Approved’, ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’.


To view a report for one of your active surveys, click on Summary.




What you will now see is a Survey Summary Report, which gives you a detailed overview on the overall open count, click-throughs, and more.


These are based on all sends up to the point that you opened the report.


You will also be able to access graphical reports on the survey respondents’ answers (per question) from this page.




If you then select the Respondent Report tab (as shown in the figure to the right), you will find the respondents of your survey(s).


You can view individual responses and find out which survey participants did not respond to the survey, i.e. ‘non-respondents’.


If required, you can save the list of contacts as a list within your system or export them as a CSV file.





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