How do I save as a CSV file?

CSV files are used in our system when uploading data, such as contact data, into your BriefYourMarket system. 

In order to do that please follow the steps below: 

  1. Select the file button in the top left of your Excel Document
  2. Now you will need to select "Save As" on the left hand side 
  3. Now select "Browse" 

  4. Now choose a location and name for your file, then select the "Save as type" drop down and select "CSV Comma Delimited"
  5. Now press "Save" 

  6. Congratulations, you can now turn standard Excel documents into CSV files. You are the true CSV master! 

If you do however need some extra, help is most certainly at hand. Please give us a call on 0344 800 8424, email us at or hit the "Raise a support ticket" button on this page! 


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