Creating a survey

To begin creating a survey, select the Surveys tab from the platform toolbar and then click Start.

This will open the editing page where the survey can be created.


The below actions mean the following;

  1. Survey Template: When you initially join, a survey template will be created for you. This can be found in the dropdown list and will be entitled ‘Survey’. If you have had any additional, bespoke templates created, they will also appear in this list.
  2. Name: This is a name for your own reference. As it will not appear on the survey itself for your respondents to see, we recommend using identifying terms to distinguish it from your other surveys.
  3. Title: This title will appear on the survey when a respondent participates.


Beneath this section, you will then see three boxes giving you several options. These options are as follows:

  • Show numbers on Questions: This enables you to number your survey questions.
  • Place the Thank You message on a separate page: With this option, respondents can be directed to a separate page displaying a ‘Thank You’ message, once they have submitted their survey answers.
  • Forward the contact to a specific address after completion: This gives you the option to forward respondents to a particular webpage of your choice, such as a website or reviews page.

The next step to take is to set up the messages that your respondents will see when they receive the survey.

The Welcome, Thank You and Inactive messages are mandatory as they perform the following functions:

  • Welcome message: Introduces the survey to the respondent(s).
  • Thank You message: Thanks the respondent(s) for participating.
  • Inactive message: Appears when a survey has been deactivated to inform the respondent(s) that the survey is no longer available.


To begin adding questions to the survey, click New Question.’s survey tool allows you to ask questions in the formats depicted below:

  • Multiple choice questions – one answer.
  • Multiple choice question – several answers.
  • Set of related questions – text answers.
  • Single question – text answer.
  • Rating question – one item.
  • Rating question – set of related items.

Once you have selected the question style, you can then create your survey question and possible answers.

Note: For multiple choice answers, make sure that you place each answer on a separate line.

You will notice that you have two options when creating questions:

  1. Marking a question as a ‘Required Question’, will place an asterisk next to the question to indicate that these questions must be completed.
  2. Selecting ‘Allow Other Choice’, will add a text box for respondents to free type their answer.

Once the question is ready, click Save to return to the Edit Survey page.

You may continue to repeat this process until you have created the desired amount of questions.

Once ready, click on Submit for Approval.



This will bring you to the All Surveys page where Saved Surveys, Surveys Awaiting Approval, Approved Surveys and Active Surveys are visible.

The survey will need to be submitted for approval and then enabled to place it with the active surveys – as demonstrated in the


Once a survey is ‘Active’ it can be added to campaigns as a hyperlink.


You can also disable a survey at any time, should it only be intended to run for a certain period of time. Respondents who attempt to take a disabled survey would then see the Inactive message.

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