Dynamic and Static Articles

When creating newsletters in your BriefYourMarket.com system, you have the option to insert Dynamic and/or Static articles.


Dynamic articles enable you to send highly targeted emails with content that matches your subscribers’ newsletter preferences. These preferences limit which of your contacts can view what content.

Ultimately, this will have a positive influence on your open and click-through rates, as you will be eliminating irrelevant content from your emails that may cause your subscribers to disconnect from your brand communications or to unsubscribe altogether.


Static articles have fixed formatting – i.e. everyone who receives your newsletter will see this article in the same place with the same format. This is ideal for a lead article.

You can learn more about newsletter preferences in our guide here 



When inserting an article into your newsletter, you will have two options for article content targeting. Those being, the Dynamic and Static options previously mentioned.

You cannot change the type of article after you have selected it, so make sure that you are certain of what type you want to use beforehand.

The only major difference between the two types would be within the article body editor. Whilst the article teasers themselves, on the other hand, remain unchanged in format and use.


The Difference: Dynamic Content


Dynamic articles have the above tab added to the article body editor – the dynamic content tab, denoted by a lightning bolt.

On this tab, you have two methods to limit the selection of contacts who will see this particular article. The first of these is the preferences option. This is the recommended method as it permits you to select large numbers of varying contacts quickly and easily, and do so across multiple articles in the same newsletter based upon your pre-defined preferences.

For more information on this option, please refer to our guide on newsletter preferences <link>


The second method available is to limit contacts based on a filter. This effectively functions in the same way as limiting based on newsletter preferences, however, it cannot be used as dynamically. Meaning that you will have to create a filter for each set of contacts who you want to see the article in question.


If you need any help setting up your article or newsletter preferences, please do not hesitate to contact us on email at support@briefyourmarket.co.uk or by phone at 0344 800 84 24 – we would be happy to help you!

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