How do I Delete, Expire or Forget a contact?

Following the latest system update, your system will enable you to delete, expire or forget a contact – this can be found from your system’s ‘Contacts’ tab.

Deleting, expiring or forgetting a contact in your CRM system will not delete, expire or forget that contact in your system. These actions must be carried out in both systems separately.



When you delete a contact, you will lose all contactable information for the contact. Choosing to delete a contact gives your business more control of auditing your own data.


The forget function enables you to service a ‘Right to be Forgotten’ or ‘Right to Erasure’ request from a contact.
Please note: when a contact is ‘forgotten’, the data cannot be retrieved, and you will lose this contact indefinitely.


Expiring a contact enables you to remove a contact from your database. This can be used when you cannot assign a suitable lawful basis for processing a contact’s data.

Expiring a contact in your system will create a data ID for the contact. The data ID contains no personally identifiable information and can be used to re-activate an expired contact within your system, if the contact’s circumstances were to change in the future and they requested your services.

Please note: you will not be able to contact an expired contact.

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