Bounce Report

The bounce summary report gives a per contact breakdown of all bounces that you may have encountered in your sends. Bounces are split into two separate categories…


Soft Bounces

Soft Bounces, the right tab, include any bounce where the message was denied by the sender due to a temporary issue, this ranges from out of office notifications to their mailbox being full. While a contact is soft bounced, you can still send to them, however repeated soft bounces will result in the contact being considered hard bounced to keep your sending address in good standing.


Hard Bounces

Hard bounces, the left tab, are anytime the recipient either immediately denied the message or the recipient did not exist. This can be caused by technical misconfigurations, so please feel free to call into support if you believe that there are incorrect hard bounces occurring on your system.


If you need any help with your bounce reporting, feel free to get in touch with our support team on phone at 0344 800 8424, on livechat, or you can send us a message by creating a ticket using the button below!

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