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The send status report is a report that allows you to briefly view the current state of an email send, including when the email is queued to be delivered (added to the sending list) and when an email is in the process of sending.

Delivered and not responded refer to those who have received the email and may have opened it but have not taken any further action towards interacting with the email, while those who have responded include everyone who has interacted with the email in any way – these can be broken down further on the latter reports.

There are also brief views here for bounces, abuse reports, and unsubscribes – unsubscribes get automatically added to your system as such and further marketing material cannot be sent to them, though transactional sends can still be sent to them.

Abuse reports are handled by BriefYourMarket’s support team who handle each on a case per case basis. Generally, we review the send and the contact, and if we find any cause for concern we endeavour to immediately inform you. All abuse reports are recorded. Abuse reports also immediately unsubscribe the contact.

Further, there are status for No Articles, Failed, and Invalid From Address – these are primarily for troubleshooting, with No Articles being an issue when you send a newsletter to a contact with no preferences, and invalid from address being fairly self-explanatory, but if you should encounter any of the above and are unable to identify why the send in question is in that state, please feel free to contact our support team on phone at 0344 800 8424, on livechat, or you can send us a message by creating a ticket using the button below!

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