Summary Report

The summary report is your one-stop-shop for email reporting, containing a collation of information from all other reports into an easily digestible package – plus, it updates in realtime!

The report has 3 main elements, the report source (indicating the email and send information), the Live Status (showing the current state of each email in the queue and currently delivering) and the delivery interaction (a combination of the most important statistics in the send). Combined, these allow an at-a-glance overview of the effectiveness of your send.



The Report Source block is where you control the summary report, here you can delimit the report based on brands, add further sends to the report, and download a PDF of the report. It also shows a brief breakdown of the message, from the internal message id through to the time sent.


The Live Status block provides a semi real time indication of where each email is in terms of sending and delivering – do bear in mind that some mail providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo) put in place delays to reporting on having received an item, so this, while accurate, may take some time to update from certain providers.

 You can also turn off the live update across the entirety of the report from here, this can help improve system responsiveness if you have a particularly slow computer or internet connection.



The Delivery Interaction block gives a quick view on the number of emails sent out having been opened, unsubscribed, etc, with all providing a percentage of the total contact set sent to as a percentage of contacts who have taken that action.

The click through interaction indicates that a contact has clicked on any link within that email send, while the click through or opened also includes those who merely opened the email.

Abuse reports are handled by BriefYourMarket’s support team who handle each on a case per case basis. Generally, we review the send and the contact, and if we find any cause for concern we endeavour to immediately inform you. All abuse reports are recorded. Abuse reports also immediately unsubscribe the contact.


Below the main blocks is the Link Interactions drop down block. This contains a value for the number of click throughs on each link within the email, alongside the number of contacts who have clicked on each (unique clicks). You can click on any links there to see a detailed report on the click throughs…


…where you can get a detailed breakdown of everyone who has clicked on a link and when, alongside exporting these contacts to a CSV or a BriefYourMarket list.

The link URL may look a tad strange, this is as we use a redirect so that we can trace these statistics with accuracy, and so that we can change a link after it has gone out if need be.

If you need any help with the summary report, feel free to get in touch with our support team on phone at 0344 800 8424, on livechat, or you can send us a message by creating a ticket using the button below!




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