Email Reporting in BriefYourMarket explained

One of the trickiest parts of marketing via email is identifying what impact that the marketing has on your contact base – are they reading it, are they receiving it, when? Any patterns?

Thankfully, your BriefYourMarket system has a whole suite of reporting to help you answer these questions! Please see below for links to guides on the specific report type:

Send Status Report – A simple report on how many emails have sent

Summary Report – A comprehensive report including as much of the info you need to know as is possible at a glance

Forwards Report – A short report on all the forwards your contacts may have done

Opens Report – A short report showing all opens of the send

Bounce Report – A short reporting showing bounces and the reasons for these

Interaction Status Report – A set of short reports indicating who is pending send, has been sent to, opened, etc

A/B Testing Report – A brief report on A/B testing of a send

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